The Importance of Website Maintenance

The importance of website maintenance is always the question for any business, regardless of its size. The most common question we get is Why do I need website maintenance? Owning a website is just like owning a brand new car. And similar to cars, websites also need regular maintenance. Depending on business size and needs, maintenance will be needed monthly, weekly, or even daily.

  1. Saving Time & Money in long run
  2. Website speed improvements
  3. Software updates

#1 Saving Time & Money in long run

Owning a website is like a marathon, you need to diversify expenses, efforts, and resources moderately.

If you are emailing your developer or agency a couple of times per week, chances are the fees you are charged are adding up quite fast. However, with a website maintenance plan, you will get discounted rates and predictable results with controlled expenses.

Did you know:

On average, it cost $133,000 to recover a business after an attack.

#2 Website speed improvements

Users and search engines like Google likes a fast-loading website. As it is one of the most important user experience benchmarks.

With the website being updated and new assets being loaded, websites tend to become slower, which can result in lower rankings and less customers.

Did you know:

53% of visitors leave your website if it’s loads slower than 3s.

77% of websites take more than 10s to load on mobile

1s delay reduces conversion by up to 20%

#3 Software updates

Think of the website like a smartphone or a laptop, it also runs software to manage the website content. And as every software website software also is always getting updates to ensure security, stability, and new features.

So website software needs to be updated on a regular basis, just like in smartphones, laptops, and even cars. Which increases the importance of website maintenance.

By updating the software on a regular basis your website will be always up to date and reduce the risk of getting hacked.

Did you know:

73.2% of websites are running outdated & vulnerable software